3G3MX2-A4055-ZV1 5.5kw, 3-phase

The specification of 3G3MX2-A4055-ZV1


Brand Name Omron
Model Number 3G3MX2-A4055-ZV1
Rated Voltage 3-phase 400V
Maximum applied motor capacity 5.5 kw
Rated output capacity(KVA) 9.7 (380v); 12.3 (480v)
Rated input voltage 3-phase 380 V – 15% to 480 V + 10%, 50/60 Hz ± 5%
Rated output voltage 3-phase 380 to 480 V (The output cannot exceed the incoming voltage)
Rated input current(A) 16.9
Rated output current(A) 14.8
Weight (kg) 3.5

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Multi-function Compact Inverter

  • Born to drive machines
    -Positioning functionality.
    -Fieldbus communications with optional unit
  • EtherCAT, CompoNet and DeviceNet
    -Drive Programming.
    -Current vector Control.
    -High Starting torque: 200% at 0.5 Hz.
    -Safety function * EN ISO 13849-1:2008 (Cat.3/PLd)
  • IEC 60204-1 Stop Category 0
    -Speed range up to 580 Hz.

* When optional DeviceNet communication unit or Componet communication unit is mounted onto the MX2-series V1 type, the inverter will not conform to the safety standards

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