The solution of Mitsubishi automatic mask machine

Since the outbreak of the COVID-19, the global mask resources are very scarce, and “unable to buy masks” has become a hot topic in the society. At present, Xingshi Machinery production Workshop, located in Panyu District, Guangzhou, China, adopts Mitsubishi automatic mask machine production line, producing 1000 masks per minute.     The appearance and…


Why Hitech HMI Can’t Upload a Program?

Nicole, a customer from Malaysia, need to replace the new Hitech HMI. When Nicole received the touch screen, he found that the program could not be installed.   Nicole: ” I have received the new Hitech HMI but could not install the program” A: ” Please confirm that the old HMI program does not have…


Three-step to identification Omron refurbished products

Recently, when I followed up on new customers, I have heard many customers complain about the experience of buying refurbished Omron PLC.   About the situation of these: Customer A: The company uses Omron plc in the same environment. Some use it for 10 years without problems, while others will fail every two or three…


Mitsubishi servo display AL16

One of our customer asking for help because their Mitsubishi servo cannot operate normally, and after connecting the encoder cable, the drive alarm show “AL16”

Common sense of inverter protection

Learning the correct inverter protection knowledge, can not only greatly increase the service life of inverter, and can reduce production cost, improve production efficiency. The production common sense introduced in this paper is ignored by us during the production process, but it is very important.If we master the basic knowledge of protection, and have applied…