Omron I/O Interface Unit CJ1W-II101

The specification of CJ1W-II101

Brand Name Omron
Model Number CJ1W-II101
Current Consumption (A) 0.13 (5V)
Specification I/O interface unit (Mounted on expansion rack)

Product Description

  1. One I/O Interface Unit is required on each Expansion Rack
  2. Connecting Cable: CS1W-CN@@3 Expansion Connecting Cable
  3. Mount to the right of the Power Supply Unit.

Note: Observe the following restrictions when connecting to a 2-wire sensor.

  • Mounting the I/O Interface Unit in any other location may cause faulty operation.

How to order

  1. If possible provide me your item number.
  2. Bulk orders and sample orders are available and welcomed.
  3. Your comments and interest are much appreciative.

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