SGDV-7R6A01A002000 1KW Servo

The specification of SGDV-7R6A01A002000


Brand Name Yaskawa
Model Number SGDV-7R6A01A002000
Maximum Applicable Motor Capacity [kW] 1
Continuous Output Current [Arms] 7.6
Max. Output Current [Arms] 17
Main Circuit Power Supply Three-phase, 200 to 230 VAC, 50/60 Hz

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1. Do not connect a commercial power supply to the U, V, or W terminals for the servomotor connection..
2. Do not bundle or run the main circuit cables together with the input/output signal cables or the encoder cables in the same duct. Keep them separated by at least 30 cm.
3. I/O signal cables must be no longer than 3 m, encoder cables must be no longer than 50 m, control power supply cables for the SERVOPACK with a 400 V power supply (+24 V, 0 V) must be no longer 10 m.
4. Do not touch the power terminals while the charge indicator is ON after turning power OFF because high voltage may still remain in the SERVOPACK.

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