SGD7S-200A00A002 Three-phase, 200 VAC

The specification of SGD7S-200A00A002


Brand Name Yaskawa
Model Number SGD7S-200A00A002
Maximum Applicable Motor Capacity [kW] 3.0
Continuous Output Current [Arms] 19.6
Instantaneous Maximum Output Current [Arms] 56
Power Supply 200 VAC to 240 VAC
Power Supply Capacity[kVA] 5.9

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1. Do not attempt to use a SERVOPACK or Servomotor that is damaged or that has missing parts.
2. Install external emergency stop circuits that shut OFF the power supply and stops operation immediately when an error occurs.
3. In locations with poor power supply conditions, install the necessary protective devices (such as AC reactors) to ensure that the input power is supplied within the specified voltage range.There is a risk of damage to the SERVOPACK.
4. Use a Noise Filter to minimize the effects of electromagnetic interference. Electronic devices used near the SERVOPACK may be affected by electromagnetic interference.
5. Always use a Servomotor and SERVOPACK in one of the specified combinations.
6. Do not touch a SERVOPACK or Servomotor with wet hands. There is a risk of product failure.

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