CIMR-JB4A0004BBA 3-phase 400V

The specification of CIMR-JB4A0004BBA


Brand Name Yaskawa
Model Number CIMR-JB4A0004BBA
Voltage Class 3-phase, 380-480 VAC
Customized Specifications Standard model
Input Current (A) 4.3 (ND Rating); 3.2(HD Rating)
Output Current (kVA) 3.1(ND Rating); 2.6(HD Rating)
Output Current (A) 4.1 (ND Rating); 3.4 (HD Rating)
Carrier Frequency 2kHZ
Maximum Output Voltage (V) Three-phase power: 380 to 480 V
Maximum Output Frequency(Hz) 400 Hz

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(1) Horsepower rating is based on 460 V Induction-Type Squirrel Cage NEMA B 4-Pole Motors as represented in NEC Table 430.250 Full-Load Current, Three-Phase Alternating-Current Motors.

(2) Input current rating varies depending on the power supply transformer, input reactor, wiring conditions, and power supply impedance.

(3) Rated motor capacity is calculated with a rated output voltage of 440 V.

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