FP0R-T32CT Programmable Controller

The specification of FP0R-T32CT


Brand Name Panasonic
Model Number FP0R-T32CT (Transistor output type only)
Programming method/control method Relay symbol/ cyclic operation
Number of I/O points 32 points (input:16, transistor output:16)
Program memory EEPROM (no backup battery required)
Program capacity 32 K steps
Master control relay points (MCR) 256 words
Number of labels (JMP and LOOP) 256 labels
Differential points equivalent to the program capacity
Number of step ladder 1000 stages

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1.Large capacity program / data memory
Program capacity: 32 k steps max.
Data register: 32 k words max.

2.Ultra-high speed processing
80 ns/step (ST instruction)
Within a range of 0 to 3,000 program steps

3.USB tool port provided as standard equipment
Capable of high-speed program transfer with USB 2.0

4.Multi-axis control available without expansion units
Built-in pulse outputs for four axes (50 kHz max. each)

5.Battery-less automatic backup of all data
The F type has a built-in FeRAM, that allows the automatic saving of all data without a backup battery.

6.Makeover for FP0R analog units. Greatly improved performance, extended functions
Higher resolution: 14 bits (previously 12 bits)
Up to 8-channel input: Easier transition to multi-channel systems.

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