The specification of EJ1N-HFUB-DRT


Brand Name Omron
Model Number EJ1N-HFUB-DRT
Name HFU with deviceNet communications
Power supply voltage 24 VDC supplied from the end unit
Communications functions DeviceNet communications
Terminal Screw-less clamp

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The EJ1 is a new type of Modular Controller that increases device performance from design and installation through maintenance. Additional functions required for multipoint temperature control have been added to the EJ1 to reduce even further the amount of work required for setup and communications. It enables building systems that meet customer needs.

1: An End Unit is always required for connection to a Basic Unit or an HFU. An HFU cannot operate without a Basic Unit. External communications cannot be performed when using a Basic Unit only.
2: For heating/cooling control applications, control outputs 3 and 4 on the 2-point models are used for the cooling or heating control outputs. On the 4-point models, heating/cooling control is performed for the two input points.
3: When using the heater burnout alarm, purchase a Current Transformer (E54-CT1 or E54-CT3) separately.

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