CS1W-EIP21 100Base-TX

The specification of CS1W-EIP21


Brand Name Omron
Model Number CS1W-EIP21
Type 100Base-TX
Applicable PLCs CS-series PLCs
Unit classification CS-series CPU bus unit
Media access method CSMA/CD
Baud rate 100 Mbit/s (100Base-TX)
Current consumption (unit) 410 mA max. at 5V DC

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Note: If tag data links are being used, use 100Base-TX. Otherwise, 10Base-T can be used, but this is not recommended.

The CS1W-EIP21 EtherNet/IP Unit’s maximum current consumption is 410 mA. Be sure that the total current consumption of all the Units connected to the same CPU Backplane or Expansion Backplane does not exceed the output capacity of the Power Supply Unit.

CS1W-EIP21 EtherNet/IP Units for CS-series PLCs, CJ1W-EIP21 EtherNet/IP Units for CJ-series PLCs, or built-in EtherNet/IP port in CJ2H-CPU@@-EIP/CJ2M-CPU3@ CPU Units.

These are Communications Units or built-in ports that connect a CS-series or CJ-series PLC to an EtherNet/IP network.

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