CP1E-N40S1DT-D with 40 I/O Points

The specification of CP1E-N40S1DT-D


Brand Name Omron
Model Number CP1E-N40S1DT-D
Power Supply 24 VDC
Inputs 24
Outputs 16
Output type Transistor (sinking)
Program capacity 8k steps
Data memory capacity 8K words

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Easy to use input editor with smart input function
When you begin typing an instruction from the keyboard in Ladder Editor Mode, suggested instructions are displayed and the addresses are automatically entered.
Connecting lines are added automatically based on the cursor position, enabling intuitive ladder programming.

Easy Input Editor
When you begin typing an instruction from the keyboard while in the Ladder Editor Window, suggested instructions are displayed. All you have to do is select the instruction from the list for easy input even if you do not remember the entire mnemonic

Address Incrementing
The address of the next operand, including input bits and output bits, is incremented by one and displayed as the default. This enables easily inputting consecutive addresses

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