CJ2M-CPU31 Built-in EtherNet/IP

The specification of CJ2M-CPU31


Brand Name Omron
Model Number CJ2M-CPU31
I/O capacity/Mountable units 2560 points/40 units
Program capacity 5k steps
Data memory capacity 64k words
Current consumption 5 VDC, 0.7 A

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* Five variations in program capacity from 5K steps to 60K steps; scale the CPU to your application needs.
* Faster processors; LD instruction execution time is reduced to 40 ns, floating point trigonometrics in less than 1 μs.
* Optional Pulse I/O Modules can be mounted to enable positioning functions for up to four axes. The module provides high-speed counters, interrupt inputs and pulse train/PWM outputs. (CJ2M CPU Units with Unit Version 2.0 or Later)
* Faster Function Block calls and execution, faster interrupt handling, less overhead time.
* Added execution memory for Function Blocks allows structured, object-oriented programming even in entry-level CPUs


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