61F-11 100VAC to 220 VAC

The specification of 61F-11


Brand Name Omron
Model Number 61F-11
Features For control of ordinary purified water or sewage water
Supply voltage 100 VAC to 240 VAC; 50/60 Hz
Operating voltage range 85% to 110% of rated voltage
Interelectrode voltage 8 VAC
Control output 2A,220 VAC; 5A, 220VAC

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  • The length when using completely-insulated, 600-V, 3-conductor (0.75 mm2) cabtire cables. Usable cable lengths will become shorter as the cable diameter or number of conductors becomes larger.
  • The insulation resistance and dielectric strength indicate values between power terminals and Electrode terminals, between power terminals and contact terminals, and between Electrode terminals and contact terminals.
  • Possible to use with 15 k or less, however, this may cause reset failure.


-The 61F11H relay deenergizes when there is water present across the Electrodes, whereas the 61F relay energizes when there is water present across the Electrodes.

– Also, the terminal connections of those Controllers provided with LED indicators differ from those which have no indicators.

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