3G3JZ-A2004 0.4KW, 3-phase

The specification of 3G3JZ-A2004


Brand Name Omron
Model Number 3G3JZ-A2004
Rated Voltage 3-phase 200VAC
Maximum applied motor capacity 0.4kw
Rated output capacity(KVA) 1.0
Rated output current 2.5A
Output frequency range(Hz) 0.1-600Hz
Input current (A) 2.7
Weight (kg) 1.1

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SYSDRIVE 3G3JZ series is a series of simple and aptitude Inverters centre on V / f control with necessary function.

Basic on 3G3JV, 3G3JZ added the necessary function of general motor applicate, and keep simple using.

Equipped RS485 as standard. provide a further control needed to build a connection with PLC

Simple style, standard RS485 equipped
Be referred to as simple style, but standard RS485 communication equipped, that makes it easy to connect the programmable logical controller (PLC) or any other host controller.
Only to add to PLC with RS485, control functions can be added on the original inverter device。

In addition, position control can be realized by RS485 communication easily if Omron CP1L series PLC is used. That can help customer system improve the level by RS485 communication function.

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