FX3U-1PG Pulse Output Block

The specification of FX3U-1PG


Brand Name Mitsubishi
Model Number FX3U-1PG
Input signal 24 VDC
Output signal 5 to 24 VDC
Number of control axes one axis
Positioning method Increment, Absolute
Positioning output frequency 1 Hz to 200 kHZ
Number of I/O occupied points 8 points

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The FX3U-1PG connects to a PLC via an extension cable.
The FX3U-1PG is handled as a special extension block of the PLC. The unit number of the FX3U-1PG is automatically assigned No. 0 to No. 7 (Unit No. 1 to No. 7 is assigned when the main unit is an FX3UC-32MTLT(-2).) starting from the special function unit/block closest to the PLC main unit.
Only one FX3U-1PG unit can be connected to the right side of the main unit, extension unit or extension block.

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