FR-A840-00126-2-60 3.7K Inverter

The specification of FR-A840-00126-2-60


Brand Name Mitsubishi
Model Number FR-A840-00126-2-60
Applicable motor capacity (kw) 3.7k
Brake transistor Built-in
Rated input Voltage/ Frequency Three-phase 380 to 500 V 50Hz/60Hz

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1.The applicable motor capacity indicated is the maximum capacity applicable for use of the Mitsubishi 4-pole standard motor.
2.The rated output capacity indicated assumes that the output voltage is 440 V for 400 V class.
3.The maximum output voltage does not exceed the power supply voltage. The maximum output voltage can be changed within the setting range. However, the maximum point of the voltage waveform at the inverter output side is the power supply voltage multiplied by about .
4.The rated input current indicates a value at a rated output voltage. The impedance at the power supply side (including those of the input reactor and cables) affects the rated input current.

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