AP-C31W Digital Pressure Sensor

The specification of AP-C31W


Brand Name Keyence
Model Number AP-C31W
length 2m
Unit Negative pressure
kPa 0 to- 101.3
Pressure resistance 500kPa
Adaptive fluids Air, non-corrosive gasses
Power supply voltage 12 to 24 VDC
Current consumption 24 V operation (NPN/PNP)
Display method 3.5 digit two-color 7 segment LED

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● Do not use this product in safety circuits such as those designed to protect human workers.
● This product does not employ an explosion-proof construction. Do not use it in the presence of flammable gasses, liquids, or powders.
● This is a direct current power supply type sensor. Application of an alternating current may result in explosion or fire.

Connections input/output circuit:
● Always ground the frame ground terminal when using an off-the-shelf switching regulator.
● Use separate conduits for power line and high voltage lines, since use of a common conduit may result in device malfunction.
● Improper wiring may result in the device becoming excessively hot or in device damage.

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