A06B-2257-B430 AC Servo Motor

The specification of A06B-2257-B430


Brand Name Fanuc
Model Number A06B-2257-B430
Stall torque 53 Nm
Rated output 9 kw
Rating speed 2000 min
Motor Input 165 V
Weight 64 kg

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The FANUC AC Servo Motor αis series and αi series has been designed for machine tool feed axis applications. This servo motor αi series has the following features:
1. Smooth rotation: The special magnetic pole shape minimizes torque ripples which,when combined with precise current control and accurate Pulsecoder
feedback, enables extremely smooth motor rotation.
2. Excellent acceleration: The use of a special rotor shape results in motors that are smaller and lighter than previous models, but which can develop a high level of torque. These motors, therefore, provide excellent acceleration characteristics.
3. High reliability: A totally-enclosed, friction-free brushless design is used. This allows the servo motors to be used in demanding environments with no need
for special checks or maintenance

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