DOP-B07E515 7″ TFT LCD

The specification of DOP-B07E515


Brand Name Delta
Model Number DOP-B07E515
Display Type 7″ TFT LCD (65536 colors)
Resolution 800×600 pixels
Backlight LED back light
Display size 141 x 105.75mm
Operation system Delta real time OS
MCU 32-bit RISC Micro-controller
NOR flash ROM Flash ROM 128 MB
SDRAM 64Mbytes

Delta 7 inch HMI DOP-B07E515 | KWOCO

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Note: 1) The half- life of backlight is defined as original luminance being reduced by 50% when the maximum driving current is supplied to HMI. The life of LED backlight shown here is an estimated value under 25oC normal temperature and humidity conditions.
2) USB Host port can provide up to 5V/ 500mA of power.
3) The withstand voltage of the isolated power circuit is 1500V peak for 1 minute.
4) Some models are in the process of application to UL and KCC certification. For more information, please consult our distributors.
5) The value of the power consumption indicates the electrical power consumed by HMI only without connecting to any peripheral devices. In order to ensure the normal operation, it is recommended to use a power supply which the capacity is 1.5 ~2 times the value of the power consumption.

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