Kwoco Automation Co.,ltd has been dedicatedly serving clients with superior product quality, latest supplies and practical automation solutions internationally since 2010. Our chief clientele involves all those who seek new and best quality industrial spare parts. The company solely strategizes upon constant innovation and quick response.

We Provide

  • We are capable of meeting customer demands for popular brands like Mitsubishi, Omron, Panasonic, Weintek, Hitech, Proface, Delta and much more.
  • Our company owns a factory for the production automation parts. We manufacture best quality items such as servo cables, encoder cable, power cable, communicate cable and connectors.
  • Our Company’s design, testing, production, sales and after-sales department brilliantly work together to fulfill each consumer requirement accurately.

We Take Pride In

  • Our 24/7 extremely assisting professional sales service
  • Our original products, that are neither replicated nor mended
  • Our huge range of products that come with realistic price tags
  • Our convenient purchase as well as one-stop door to door shipping facilities
  • Our expert engineers skilled at rapidly sorting any crisis
  • Owing a factory to meet your requirements with precision
  • Our experience in dealing with consumers across the globe
  • Our advanced understanding of the market sales condition gives us an edge over others.

What  We  Have

  • mitsubishi logo


    • Mitsubishi PLC for FX3U, FX3G, function modules;
    • Mitsubishi Inverter for FR-A740, A720, F740, F720, E740, E720, E720S, D740,D720S series;
    • Mitsubishi HMI for GOT1000, GT15, series;
    • Mitsubishi Servo for MR-J2S, MR-J3,MR-J4,MR-JE series;
    • Mitsubishi parts such as battery, connectors, cables, CCLINK Module, resistor
  • omron logo


    • OMRON PLC for CQM1,CS1W ,CJ1W ,CP1H ,CP1L ,CPM1A ,CPM2A,CPM2AH series.
    • OMRON HMI for NS5-V2,NS8-V2,NS10-V2,NS12-V2,NS15-V2 series.
    • OMRON Inverter for 3G3JZ,3G3MX2,3G3JE,3G3RX series.
  • panasonic logo


    • Panasonic PLC for FP0, FPX, FP2 series;
    • Panasonic Servo for A4, A5 series.
  • delta logo


    • Delta PLC for DVP-ES,DVP-EX,DVP-EH,DVP-SS series.
    • Delta Inveter for VFD-L,VFD-S,VFD-M,VFD-B,VFD-F,VFD-E,VFD-EL,VFD-W,VFD-G series.
    • Delta Servo for ASDA-A2,ASDA-B2,ASDA-AB,ECMA series.
  • proface logo


    • Proface HMI for GP2000, GP3000, GP4000, GP4100, Series
  • hitech logo


    • Hitech HMI for PWS6000, PWS5000 series.
  • weintek logo


    • Weinview(Weintek):Weintek HMI for MT/ TK Series

  • samkoon logo


    • Samkoon HMI for SA,SK,AK series.

Overseas  Sales  Team

allen huang
Allen Huang

Customer Review

  • Very quickly, very good, excellent quality, well done! thank you.

    —–By Esso on June 6, 2015
  • It is very fast shipping, good and accurate product; got them fast and as usual very good condition , all work great, all is great , Obviously this is a five star of quality suppliers, we will certainly buy again Kwoco products, I wish you the business is thriving!

    —–Sebastien B., USA
  • A great seller, however DHL can not deliver to my address and we can do the negotiation. But it is a big seller and Thanks, Item as described, fast shipping! Once again, very satisfied with order. A pleasure to do business with!

    —–Glauco W., Brazil
  • Through three years of cooperation, we know Kwoco have more deep understanding,they have good logistics solutions, let us in front of customers won more honor.

    —–By montana on April 11,2016
  • Kwoco servo parts has excellent productivity. Their quality and stability is beyond my expectation. I have to say Kwoco is a good partner

    —–Glauco W., Brazil
  • Their Samkoon HMI helped us save 30% charge, is a good number for cost containment.

    —–Roberto Giovani, Italy